an interactive children’s show
performed in English

by Daria Veronese
Translated from Italian into English by Jane Hickey
The Cast
Federica Siri -Gusoberta
Livia Carli - Tixi
Gianni Oliveri - Moxo
Costume designer - Giovanna Faraone
Directors - Gianni Oliveri and Livia Carli

Tixi and Moxo is a children's show about a little Italian girl who is off school sick. Whilst in the process of doing her English homework, her favourite comic book characters magically come to life and start speaking English. Suddenly the little girl speaks English too but can't decide which of the characters is good and which is evil. It's an interactive show perfomed in English by Italian actors who play with the different sounds between English and Italian. It's a funny piece about good and evil, honesty and truth, with a surprise ending.

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Compagnia Teatro Instabile was created in November 1999 by Livia Carli and Gianni Oliveri, debuting with "The Lover" by Harold Pinter. Over the years they have staged a wide-range of plays, from Greek tragedy to French classics, and medievil to contemporary theatre. The company have toured Italy and performed abroad, and have achieved numerous important awards (for a list of awards, click on the website:
Livia Carli studied literature, Latin and Greek at College; after getting her law degree in Genova she studied at an actor's school, "Il Palcosceno", she went on to work in a theatre company. Since 2001 Livia has studied opera and in 2005 she attended an intensive opera course, run by G. Ravazzi. Livia is director, actress and opera singer. Since 2007 she is a part time Drama teacher in schools and Colleges.
Gianni Oliveri attended the "O.Respighi" school of music in Imperia, where he studied transverse flute. He played flute, guitar, saxophone, and sang as lead singer in various bands, then he joined a vocal group, that performed polyfonic vocal music from the period of The Renaissance to the 1900's. In 1995 he founded an amateur theatre company and received various awards. In 2002 and in 2006 Gianni received two national awards for "Best amateur actor" in Italy. Gianni is director and actor. Since 2007 he is a part time Drama teacher in schools and Colleges.
Federica Siri from 2002-2005 attended "Theatre Studio", in 2005 she did a course on "the mask in the comedy of art", run by E. Bonavera, in 2006 she did a course on "the character of the clown", run by B. Vecchio, C. Lynam and A. Kocijan. She attended a recitation and film dubbing course at Titania studios in Rome from October 2006 to June 2007. Since 2004 she has collaborated with "Compagnia Teatro Instabile "; she is in the process of completing her degree in D.A.M.S. ( Drama, Art and Music) at Rome university.
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